About Us

The Legal Science, LLC team has developed The MonQcle, a proprietary workflow process and technology platform built specifically for tracking law and policy over time and across jurisdictions or multi-state corporation locations. The MonQcle is a Software-as-a-Service that allows users to create, visualize, and share multi-state, municipality or corporate policy data internally or to an externally facing website.

The MonQcle includes The Workbench, a CMS and an API. The Workbench enables a user to efficiently code law/policy data across multiple jurisdictions and over time. No data is ever overwritten. The CMS allows a client to deploy a front-end website that provide access in the form of maps, tables and queries to the data that is created. The API grants cross-platform capability to manipulate the law/policy database for integration into clients’ front-end presentations or back-end applications as well as raw export for statistical analysis and aggregation into business intelligence.

The MonQcle can be used at the individual, group or enterprise level. Group assignments and dashboards allow a central administrator to monitor all work being completed.

The MonQcle - Providing the Missing Piece of Business Intelligence